Landscape - Yard: Weeds: uninvited guests to your summer fun

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(ARA) - As summer approaches, visions of opening your backyard up to friends, family, and neighbors flood the dreams of most Americans. Playing catch with the kids, grilling with your neighbors, running with the dog, and relaxing in the shade with a good book are all great ways to make your lawn an enjoyable living space this summer.

Soft, thick green grass in your back yard should be the friendly surface you and your family frolic on. Don't let those fun times be ruined by things like prickles in your toes or hard bare spots. Weeds and thin spots, the worst uninvited guests at the party, can stop the fun in its tracks but the feeling of bare feet in lush grass doesn't have to be a luxury.
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Put these villains in their place so that you can relax in your outdoor barefoot-able space.

If you plan to turn your lawn into your living room this summer, here are some things you might want to consider:

* Thistles, clover and dandelions - Prickly plants aren't friendly to activities like running through the sprinkler or rolling down the hill. There are quite a few varieties of thistle plants, and many can grow several feet tall. However, thistles that are located in your lawn get mowed down to size and can be much harder to spot. Don't be fooled, mowing will not kill these plants. For that, you will have to take action. If bothered by the distinctive yellow blooms of the dandelion and purple or white flowers of the clover these need to go.

* Well fed lawns are strong and vibrant. In general, feeding a few times a year will build a lawn that is ready to stand up to the weeds, heat, and drought. If your grass is used for ballgames, Slip 'n Slide or parties, your barefoot guests will appreciate the grass carpet and it will withstand wear and tear.

There are a lot of different ways to practice weed control but starting early in the season is an effective way to clear out unsightly lawn weeds. Scotts Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control encourages your grass to grow stronger by improving your lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients, but still stops the weeds you want to take care of, including dandelions. This should only be used when the weeds are actively growing and should not be used more than two times a year. Stronger grass crowds out weeds, and when mowed longer (at 3 to 5 inches) actually helps prevent weed growth.

For small problem areas, there is no need to treat your entire lawn. Spot treatment will leave you with a lush lawn, while only tackling the unwelcomed weeds. The Ortho Weed-B-Gon Max controls more than 200 weed types (including crabgrass). The foaming consistency of this product lets you know exactly where you've sprayed, and if the rain starts falling even one hour after you've applied, you don't need to worry. The foam will stick where you spray it and your weeds will show results in 24 hours. Ortho EcoSense Brand Lawn Weed Killer also makes a weed control product for the lawn which is derived from the natural element, iron, and takes care of weeds down to the roots within hours.

If your goal is to have a comfortable, friendly outdoor space for yourself and your family to relax in this summer, targeting the uninvited plants growing in your lawn is a great way to start. So open up your backyard to plenty of romping, rolling and even splashing with your children and invite the entire neighborhood over for some fun. By killing the pesky weeds, you'll worry less about prickles or bee stings. Now all you'll have to worry about in the back yard is having enough chairs for all of your friends.

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